Is your team working harder and harder to stand still?


    Maybe there's a simpler, more powerful business trying to get out...




  • Charles Kingsmill, Business Adviser

    Hi, I'm Charles Kingsmill, a business adviser based in London, UK.


    If your business is like many others, your team is working harder and harder, but without making dramatic progress.


    Meanwhile, competitors are making things tougher for you, and simpler for customers.


    What if I said that, inside your organisation, there's a simpler and more powerful business trying to get out? All you have to do is find it...

  • This is How Strategy Works

    Powerful results from simple questions

    This is How Strategy Works

    Strategy. It's a topic that people seem to want to make difficult.


    This straightforward guide includes:

    • Ten great questions to help you figure out how your team or business can win.
    • A free interactive worksheet to keep track of your ideas and insights.
    • Ten ways to challenge conventional business plans.


    Meetings about strategy often go round in circles. Get on a better path. Claim your copy now.*

    * If you can't see a request form, just email me and I'll send you a copy within 48 hours.


    I help leaders and teams to find simpler ways to win, using workshops and coaching programmes. Is this for you?